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My name is Walt Pierluissi, originally from Puerto Rico but with strong Italian offspring from my father side and Jewish from my grandmother's side.  I graduate from Catholic University of Puerto Rico with a BBA and also studied art during the 1970's with Maestro - José Azaustre Muro, a Spaniard Artist living in Puerto Rico.  After learning Oils and Acrylics; since 2009 I have been using watercolors as my prefer medium due to its versatility and unpredictability... I can use my watercolors anywhere with such  minimal supplies, it really has driven me to experience Plain Air; literally I can paint wherever and whenever decided to....  Watercolor is the closest thing to freedom I have experienced.  

All art is, without a doubt, an expression of the soul; and within art we have drawing and painting, which as part of this expression brings three-dimensional elements to the two-dimensional plane of paper, creating the illusion with perspective and colors, light and shadows; expressing what the eye observes through the interpretation of a soul. There are no bad pieces, only bad receivers and observers who have not understood the perception of that soul, nor the intention of the artist.

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